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Terms and Conditions

1. Bookings
Bookings will only be accepted when made directly with Andrew Sharp Personal Tours (the Operator) via the company website or email.
It is your (or on bookings involving more than one person, the lead passenger’s) responsibility, as the customer, to check the accuracy of your booking and travel dates. A contract is only made between you and the Operator upon your booking being confirmed and accepted through communication thereof to you.  Upon booking, a payment of 20% of the total cost will be applicable.  This sum will be non-refundable.  All payments must be in pounds sterling, via debit or credit card.
We require the following information from the customer.
The names and ages of all passengers, country and place of abode,  and the contact number and email of the lead passenger or organiser of the tour.

2. Assignment of Guides to Tours

The operator reserves the right to assign guides to tours, to alter guides assigned to tours, and to sub contract tours to partners and partner organisations at any time.  


3. Weather Conditions
The Operator cannot be held responsible for any delay, deviation or cancellation due to weather conditions, nor can any trip be cancelled or amended by you at any time on the basis of weather conditions, save through mutual agreement with the operator.  In the event of cancellation due to adverse weather conditions, no refund will be offered.

3.  No Smoking Policy
The Operator has a No Smoking Policy on all their vehicles and properties.

4.  Seat Belts and Restraints
It is a legal requirement that every individual travelling in a car or mini bus wear a seat belt (or in the case of children of 12 and under who are too small for a normal belt, use a booster seat or special child seat) at all times when the vehicle is in motion.

5.  Illness, Allegies, and Medical Issues
It is the responsibility of all passengers to advise the tour operator immediately in the event of illness or any other medical issue.
Any relevant information relating to passengers’ health, allergies or any other matters which might materially affect their safety during, or enjoyment of, the tour.
Any conditions or disabilities which might require third party medical aid, treatment, or help must be advised of on booking.  The operator cannot offer constant special attention or assistance to passengers who might require such attention.  We recommend strongly that passengers with such disabilities make provision to be accompanied by carers or helpers during the tour.  Our vehicles are not equipped to carry wheelchairs.

6.  Safety
There may be times when the Operator’s personnel have to make a decision in the interests of safety. It is a condition of bookings that you comply with the authority and decisions of the appointed representative of the Operator. If you do not comply with the said representative or are not compatible with the general enjoyment and well-being of members of the trip, the Operator reserves the right to refuse to allow you to continue the trip. In such a case the Operator will not be liable for any refund, compensation or any additional costs incurred by you. The Operator cannot accept liability for the behaviour of others on your trip nor if any facilities are curtailed as a result of their actions.​

7.  Abusive Behaviour.
The Operator has a zero tolerance policy regarding any form of personal or general abuse (verbal, physical, homophobic, racial, ethnic or personal), or otherwise, of its personnel or of their views and beliefs.  Any passenger abusing, insulting, or threatening personnel will automatically and immediately forfeit their right to onward travel.  No refund will be made.
Racial, ethnic, personal or homophobic abuse and remarks, hate crime, and verbal and physically abusive conduct, are against UK and Scottish Criminal law.  The Operator has the right to terminate the tour immediately and without refund should any such abuse, remarks or actions be perpetrated by members of the tour party, whether or not it is directed at the Operator or any of his employees.  In short, this is a zero tolerance area for abuse, racism, homophobia, and remarks which are deemed offensive by the Operator. The Operator reserves the right to record conversations without specific agreement with the customer, which may be in breach of these conditions. 

8.  Personal Belongings and Insurance
You are responsible for looking after your personal belongings whilst travelling. The Operator cannot be held responsible for any personal belongings left behind or damaged on any trip irrespective of the circumstances.
We recommend strongly that passengers fully insure themselves with travel insurance, and that insurance cover for passengers’ liability should they be forced to return home at short notice should be taken out.
9.  Payment.
All payments must be in advance, and in sterling.   Payments will only be accepted by PayPal transaction, or electronic bank transfer.
An initial deposit of 10% will be required, the balance to be paid no later than 10 days before the start date of the tour.
Prices include vehicle hire, guide price, and fuel.
Costs for accommodation, food, drink, entertainment and any other travel, and any arrangements outwith vehicle hire, guide price and fuel, are not included in the quoted tour price.

10.  Cancellations.

We urge customers strongly to take out full insurance for your trip, including insurance against contraction of, or closures and cancellations resulting from, resurgences in Covid-19 or any other communicable diseases, viruses or illnesses which are known or unknown at this time.  Andrew Sharp Personal Tours and Andrew Sharp Scottish Tours will accept no liability in the case of cancellations in these circumstances.
In the event of a cancellation before or during the tour, the deposit will be forfeit.    In the event of the tour operator having made any bookings for specialised size or type of transport, or for accommodation, ferries, trains or any other items for either the customer or the tour operator, the customer will be immediately liable for these costs in addition to the forfeited deposit.
If the customer should cancel the tour within ten days of the start of the tour, a further charge equivalent to the flat rate for two days touring will be applied.

11. Accommodation, Restaurants and Attractions.
We will, if required, provide you with suggestions for accommodation and restaurants appropriate to your budget and requirements.  Although we use our best efforts to ensure that these are of an appropriate standard, we cannot accept liability for the conditions in these establishments, or for the standard of accommodation, food and drink therein.
Similarly, we will recommend activities for your enjoyment, but cannot accept responsibility for your actual experience on these activities.

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