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1.  What Should I do about Covid-19?

I strongly urge you to take out comprehensive insurance against contraction of illness as a result of exposure to Covid-19 or any other communicable ailment of any type.  This should include the possibility not only of your requiring treatment, but also of your having to terminate your tour in the event of your having to return home in the event of illness there.


2. What Is Included In The Price?
The quoted price includes; vehicle, fuel, car and business taxes, guide, itinerary organisation, guide subsistence and expenses, car maintenance, any applicable road tolls.
The price does not include; gratuities, your accommodation, food, drink, refreshments, entertainment, entry fees to attractions, ferry or train fares.
The price is calculated according to numbers of guests, length of tour, time of the year and distance to pick up and drop off points.

3. How Do We Pay?
Payments should be in pounds sterling, either through Electronic Bank Transfer or Paypal.  I can give you full instructions on how to use these. A deposit of 20% is required, and is non refundable.  The balance is payable 10 days prior to the tour, and is non refundable after three days prior to the tour start.
I strongly advise that you take out insurance against premature cancellation of the tour, including hotel charges, and that this insurance specifically covers your being called home in the event of family illness or emergency.

4. Day Tours - How Long Do They Last?
Typically from 0830 to 1700 hours.  It's not unusual for a tour to over-run slightly, but we would discuss each day's tour either in the morning or in advance so that we have a firm itinerary which gives you best value.

5. What Vehicles Do You Use?
Typically, for smaller tours, it is a Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 with air conditioning and leather upholstery. This will seat 3 or 4 guests in comfort. For larger tours, an 8 seat mini bus is used.  For reasons outlined on the Home Page, I don't take tours of more  than six people.

6. Where Can You Meet Us At The Start Of The Tour?
Anywhere, within reason.  If you need to be met at your hotel or accommodation, I can arrange that, and meeting you at an airport or railway station is easily arranged.

7. Can You Sort Out Our Accommodation?
Typically, I research your hotels and B&Bs, check for availability and price, and let you do the bookings.  Alternatively, I can do the bookings for you, but would have to ask you for payment of the deposit when I book accommodation on your behalf.

8.  What Are The Arrangements for Evenings?
The evenings are entirely your own to enjoy!  I will be more than happy to help advise on restaurants, pubs, places of entertainment for you.  If there are any special events in the area, I will be happy to advise on these as well.

9.  Do We Have To Bring Our Own Water, etc?
No, I provide bottled water, tissues, paper towels, mild non prescription pain killers, insect repellent and nets, and travel sickness pills.
It is, however, essential that you advise me in advance of any medical issues or allergies prior to the tour.  I strongly advise also that you take out full medical insurance, as I will be unable to help with medical emergencies arising from chronic, acute, or non minor mishaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

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