Hotels and Eating

I​ like to recommend quality accommodation which fits your budget. I have stringent standards; as long as a hotel or restaurant keeps delivering the  quality I require,  I stay with them. 
Quality and value are key, and that's why although I have hotels and guest houses which I recommend and use,  I never get into arrangements with them in which I guarantee them my business.   As soon as I do that, my ability to search out and give you best value is compromised, and that is something I will never do.  
I also like to search out the really great places that are a little less well known, which are just down that side road you’d otherwise ignore.

So, whether it's luxury 5 star accommodation, or cozy country inns, they'll be to a standard I require, and which fits in with your wishes.

​For me, it’s all about finding that exclusive wee spot to make your stay even more special.

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