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I'm Andy, and I want to show you my country, Scotland.  I'll help you experience and share its long, torrid, romantic and at times bloodthirsty story, its ancient and modern faces, its way of life, and everything that has built this amazing country over the centuries.   

My tours are for small groups of up to six people.  There's a good reason for this; it allows me to focus on what you want to do day to day, and to keep the tours flexible to allow for the things you might want to do or see at any moment.  You can't do that on a large tour with several groups of people.

I'm a historian and archaeologist, have experience in politics and current affairs, and have an extensive knowledge of Scotland, it's culture, and its long and varied history.

On all of my tours, your needs and wishes come first.

That is why each tour of mine is unique, crafted and designed just for you and your group.

I'll show you the great sights and attractions of Scotland, but also take you away from the crowds to give you a taste of our wonderful and lesser known places, sights, tastes and experiences.

Wherever possible, we'll take the roads that large tours can't or won't go on, to give you the exclusive experience you want and deserve, showing you what you want to see, doing what you want to do on your trip to this amazing and varied country.​

Feel free to click and explore the tour pages and the customer feedback area.

Share your ideas and wishes with me, and we’ll start planning your special Scottish holiday together.

Email me today (see bottom of page); let's have a great time in Scotland!

Andrew Sharp

BREAKING NEWS 28th JULY 2011, and it's all GOOD!!!

The Scotttish Government hass just announced that, if you are travelling to Scotland from the EU or the USA. You can come here as of Monday 2nd August, without having to quarantine on arrival.

Make sure you've had both your shots (and proof of this), then check on the situation in your own country or the country you're leaving from, to make sure you're ok, but it looks like definite progress.

Here's the link for more info:



Scotland is waiting to welcome you!!